Commercial Commission: Boarstall, Buckinghamshire 02

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Commercial Commission: Boarstall, Buckinghamshire 02.
Client: Panshill Wood Fisheries.

Type: Commercial Storage Building, New Build.

Brief: This project, now nearing completion, is a large single storey storage building for a commercial fishery near Boarstall in Buckinghamshire.

Our client currently runs a commercial fishery at the site and has lived on the site with his family since purchasing the land and buildings back in 2003. Over the past 4 years he has invested a huge amount of his time and money in the site, forming 3 new fishing lakes, in addition to the construction of a new facilities building, such that the site could become and remain a profitable commercial business.

This building is just one of several developments planned for the site. The new two storey building is proposed to replace an existing dilapidated storage building and will provide breeding tank rooms on the ground floor with office accommodation above. These offices are provided for the day to day running of the fishery. The new barn is to match the existing buildings on the site in both materials and style.

Build Cost: Estimated at £80k.

Status: On Site.