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Building Regulations Submission & Construction Drawings 

Once you have received planning permission for your development we can begin looking at construction details. Should you wish to fast-track your project, we are more than happy to begin developing these details, prior to planning approval, at risk. It is worth noting that few developments are exempt from building regulations approval. We will of course advise you of this, should your development fall under this category.

Detailed drawings produced at this stage will serve as a set of instructions for any builder wishing to construct the works. They will provide vast amounts of information including:

  • Setting out dimensions.
  • Construction details.
  • Material details.
  • Fixing methods.
  • Electrical layouts.
  • Plumbing layouts (above and below ground).

It is these detailed drawings, along with detailed specification notes that will be submitted to your local authority for building regulations approval. Approval can take up to 5 weeks, however work can be started within 2 days of notification should you wish to start work on a building notice, rather than await full plans approval.

Information produced at this stage is of sufficient detail to submit to builders for pricing. We would recommend that you allow us to prepare tender submission packs on your behalf to ensure that all prices received are comparable. Once tenders are received we will discuss these with you and help you select the best contractor for the works.

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