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Contract Administration & Site Inspections 

While very exciting, having building work done can often be both daunting and stressful. At Crawford Bond Architects we offer a full on-site service, should you not feel confident, or have the time, to deal with your builder direct. Our primary roles during this stage are to administer the terms of a contract between you and your builder and inspect the works as they progress.

At Crawford Bond we often recommend the use of a JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016, intended for use on small to medium sized building projects. This fixed price / fixed term contract provides for many things including:
  • An agreed start date.
  • An agreed completion date.
  • Damages for late completion. (Your builder pays you a fixed amount for every week that your project overruns)
  • Extensions of time. (If required)
  • Interim stage payments. (Usually every 4 weeks. Work is never paid for in advance in order to protect you financially)
  • Retention.
  • Instructions. (So that the cost of any additional work can be formally agreed at the time to avoid any hidden costs at the end of the project)
  • 3 month rectification period. (At the end of which any minor snagging issues are addressed)

Your architect will visit the site at regular intervals, inspect the works and report to you on progress. Your architect will also advise you each month on the interim stage payment that you should make to your builder to ensure that you do not at any stage, overpay for the amount of work done on site.

When is the contract signed?

Usually 2 weeks before works start on site, we will arrange a pre-contract meeting with you and your builder to sign the contract. A full set of construction drawings will also be signed at this meeting.

What if I do not want this service?

We are aware that not all jobs are of sufficient complexity to warrant this service and that not all clients require it. That said, it is not something that must be decided before we start work. The construction documents that we produce will be identical regardless of whether you require this service or not. In short, we'll assume that we will be involved on site until you tell us that you're happy for us not to be.

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