Design & Planning

Detailed Design & Planning Submission

Once outline design proposals have been agreed, we will begin looking at various aspects of your design in much more detail:

  • Which materials and finishes should be used.
  • The size, position and proportion of any external doors and windows.
  • Structural openings.
  • Roof design.
  • Detailed layout of rooms.
  • Means of natural and artificial lighting.
  • Preferred drainage routes.
  • Key construction details.
  • External works.

Planning legislation has tightened significantly over the past years and it is important to ensure that the details of the design submitted for planning can be implemented on site.

Once detailed designs have been approved we will begin preparing planning submission drawings. The level and type of information produced at this stage will vary depending on the type of application being made. At Crawford Bond we are familiar with all types of submission, including listed building and conservation area consents. Your architect will be very experienced at talking to and dealing with planning officers and as your agent, will liaise with the local authority on your behalf. We are also experts in all classes of permitted development.

Once all the necessary forms have been completed and statements written, we will ask you to send us a cheque, made out to your local planning authority, to cover the planning fee for your application. Once this is received your application will be submitted and a full copy sent to you for your records.

How long will planning approval take?

Planning applications are usually registered within 3-4 days of receipt by your local authority and determined within 8 weeks of registration.

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