Survey & Brief

Full Measured Survey

Depending on the type of work being undertaken, nearly all projects require a full measured survey of your existing property. This survey (done at your convenience) gives us detailed information about your property including:

  • Its size and shape.
  • Wall thicknesses.
  • The materials used in its construction.
  • The proximity of any trees and neighbouring buildings.
  • Drainage routes.
  • Electrical layouts.
  • Radiator positions.
  • Boundary positions.

We would also use this opportunity to photograph your property, to aid us in developing ideas when back at the office. These survey notes will be used to produce detailed CAD drawings of your property. A full PDF copy of which will be sent to you once complete (for your records).

What is CAD?

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. Much of your design work will be done on computer using the very latest CAD software. These drawing programmes enable us to accurately draw your designs at actual size and then print them out at any scale. We can even create images of your design in 3D.

Your survey drawings will be used as a basis for preliminary design work. Having already discussed your ideas with you during our consultation visit, the next stage is to produce outline design proposals. Once we have some initial ideas we will call you to arrange a suitable time to show you our ideas. These proposals will illustrate the size and form of your development along with the position of principle rooms and the way in which you might use the space. Only once you are completely satisfied with this stage of the design do we begin looking at things in more detail.

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