Residential New Build Commission: Nash, Buckinghamshire

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Residential New Build Commission: Nash, Buckinghamshire.
Type: Detached Family Dwelling, New Build.

Brief: This project, now complete, was a two storey, new build dwelling in the village of Nash, Buckinghamshire.

The application site originally contained a 2 storey, 2 bedroom detached delapidated dwelling constructed out of red brick with a tiled roof. The curtilage of the original dwelling lay within an existing paddock which included a collection of outbuildings that were used as stables and for storage. The site was and still is set within the Nash Conservation Area.

My clients wanted to demolish of the existing dwelling and erect a replacement 2 storey, 4 bedroom property. The outbuildings within the small paddock were to be retained for storage.
The new dwelling was to be traditional in form and construction. Existing facing bricks were to be re-used where possible for the new walls with specially selected local bricks also used as required. Traditional tiles were used for the new roofs. Timber windows and doors were also provided throughout.

The size of the residential curtilage was not altered by the proposals and much of the footprint of the replacement dwelling was to remain within that of the existing dwelling.

All landscaping for the replacement dwelling was to remain as existing.

The design of the replacement dwelling was such that the southern elevation remained a prominent gable end, thus retaining the relationship that the original dwelling had a listed nearby farmhouse.

Build Cost: Estimated at £250k.

Status: Completed January 2012.